How We Are Compensated

Our wealth management fees, which include investment advisory and comprehensive financial planning services, are based on the following schedule:

Assets Under Management

Annual Fee (%)

Up to $499,999


$500,000 - $999,999


$1,000,000 - $4,999,999


$5,000,000 and up


Minimum Fee


$6,000 ($1,500 quarterly)


Fees are billed on a quarterly basis in arrears and, with your permission, are deducted directly from your investment accounts.

In addition to these fees, our custodian, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., charges transaction fees on the purchase of stocks and bonds, and on the purchase and sale of certain mutual funds.  These fees go entirely to Schwab: Seamark does not participate in any way.  While none of the funds that we recommend charges a sales commission for the class of shares that you would purchase, there are operating and management fees charged within the fund that, while indirect, have an impact on overall investment performance.  We provide a comprehensive fee analysis to our clients on request, so that you can determine the total cost you are paying for wealth management services. 

Do you have an investment minimum for new clients?

Yes, our minimum portfolio size is $2,000,000.  

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